About Us

If you have a few moments, I'd like to tell you our Tobytogs story.


When my son Toby was born in 2008, we were generously inundated with presents and cards from family and friends.

So, being a designer myself, I wanted to create a bespoke card to say thank you.

That's when Toby elephant was created. He seemed quite lonely on his own so when baby Toby turned one,
I designed a whole host of friends for his first birthday invitation, including Peter lion, Jasper penguin, Janet giraffe,
Tina chick, Max monkey, Lucy owl and Bella butterfly.

The thank you card and invite proved to be so popular I started screen printing the animals onto t-shirts for babies and toddlers, baby bodysuits, bibs and little bags and then began selling personalised versions to family and friends.

When my daughter Lauren was born in 2011, I thought it was time for Toby elephant to make some more new friends,
so Martha mouse and Lauren ladybird soon joined him.

We also sell Tobytogs clothes, bags and cards at Christmas markets as well as here on our sparkly new site!


Please contact us if you have a question or would simply like to say hello.

email: hello@tobytogs-co.uk
call: 07787 552255